Antibacterial Paint

Premium antibacterial paint that works as part of our Fyrexx System

Cost effective and durable
Antibacterial and hygiene friendly
Fire retardant
UK Made and certified

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Perfect for hygiene important spaces.

Dental practices | GP practices | Hospitals | Care homes | Veterinary practices

Cost Savings

Extended maintenance cycles mean less labour and fewer repairs saving you time and money.

Hygiene Friendly

Fyrexx Systems is the choice for hygienic environments where keeping bad bacteria at bay is vital for business and public health.


Proven to endure over 2,500 scrubs this paint protects in the harshest environments.

Fire Retardant

For added peace of mind, antibacterial paint used with our system also keeps flames at bay.

Antibacterial paint is more important than ever.


Bacteria is a fact of life, it’s everywhere.

What matters is that you are doing what you can to control harmful bacteria and minimise the risk of transmission of infection and illness.

The Fyrexx system is the market-leading effective hygiene and fire solution on the market today. 

Hardwearing & stylish, this anti-bacterial paint has a contemporary matt finish and is colour-mixed to order in pretty much any colour you like.

Made in the UK, this is a seriously effective anti-bacterial paint that is also tough, great looking and safe.

If it’s good enough for Rolls Royce…

The System was recently subjected to an independent scrub-cycle carried out by Rolls Royce. 

The durability was tested against 3 leading equivalent paint products using an industry-standard scrub-cycle method.

This test shows the results of a 2,500 cycle scrub-test. 

We successfully out-performed the durability of all 3 competitors products.


Complete Peace Of Mind

Highest percentage of anti-microbial additive
Tested to rigorous industry standard
Reduces harmful bacteria by 99.99%
Effective in reducing fungal growth and blackspot
Works for up to and beyond 10 years
Fast order and delivery times

Hardwearing & scrubbable
Stylish matt finish
Colour-mixed to order
Fast-drying, low odour
Low splatter

Did You Know…?


Similar hygiene coatings on the market today use ‘silver chloride technology’ as their anti-bacterial additive.

However, there is a limit to how much of this additive can be used before the paint discolours.

We’ve gone the extra mile and found ‘Eradibac’.

Eradibac is an extremely powerful silver-ion based anti-bacterial additive that allows us to add a significantly higher percentage to our paint without any discolouration.

Our system is one of the most effective bacteria inhibitors on the market.

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Our technical consultant will be there to monitor and liase with the approved contractor through the whole application of the process giving peace of mind and complience.

Ongoing Support

For even more peace of mind, all of our systems are offered with a comprehensive range of zero worry warranties.

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