Fire Resistant Wall Covering System

The UK’s exclusive system including fire resistant wall coverings, antibacterial paint and anti-graffiti solutions.

Cost Effective And Easy Fitting
UK & EU Tested And Certified
30-Year Guarantee

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Fire Resistant Wall Covering

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What Is The Fyrexx System?


The Fyrexx System is a fire resistant wall covering designed to hold back the spread of flames in a fire, limiting damage to the building and giving residents the time to evacuate safely.

It allows users to upgrade the fire performance of existing coatings on walls and ceilings in communal spaces, stairwells and fire escapes.

Trusted and proven in the field, Fyrexx is able to assure performance, quality, reliability and maximum protection in every project.

The system is uniquely powerful, especially when combined with our antibacterial paint and anti-graffiti paint solutions.

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More Than Just Fire Protection.

Cost Savings

Fyrexx offers rapid application and convenience for your clients and tenants that gives great cost savings by up to a 1/3.

Free Survey

Our fire specialists will carry out an assessment of your communal area and compile a specification of the performance your budget needs.

Tried and tested

We’ve worked with internal communal areas of all sizes to deliver high-performing fire protection that meets the highest required fire rating protecting clients and their buildings.

Unique System

With a comprehensive range of fire protection systems, the level of protection specified always matches the risk assessment on site.

Fyrexx Keeps You Protected.

Fire Resistant Wall Covering

We’re leading the way in passive fire protection systems.

Our fire resistant wall covering is the top choice for councils and commercial properties looking to upgrade their fire safety rating.

The system can be applied directly to walls without the need for pre-plastering or extensive preparation.

Ready for painting once fitted saving time and costs.

Fyrexx is perfect for councils, social housing, hospitals, schools and all manner of commercial properties.

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Complete Peace Of Mind. Guaranteed.

30-year guarantee
Resistant/Retardant to fire
Abrasion and scrub resistance
Water vapour permeable

Non-toxic and food safe
Tear-resistant and crack bridging
Suitable for allergy sufferers
Impact and perforation resistance

Fast and easy fitting
Fast order and delivery times
Tested and certified
Resistant to cleaning

It’s Really Easy To Work With.

Residential And Commercial Use

It’s extremely impact-resistant and hard-wearing.

By providing considerably higher strength properties than traditional wallcoverings it can last up to 30 years.

The strength of the woven textile glass bridges cracks and prevents the formation of new ones.

Extremely Fast Saving Time And Costs

This versatility and cost-effectiveness of the system make it the industry-wide choice.

Trained fitters are able to cover with ease and precision.

Perfect for Hospitals, Schools, Offices, Housing Developments, Hotels, Art Galleries, Airports, Restaurants and everything in between.

Made In Germany With 30 Year Guarantee

A 30-year guarantee because of it’s precise German build quality.

It’s really easy to handle and fit.

It’s the ideal choice for new constructions or refurbishment projects looking for superior fire protection.

Take A Look At Some Of Our Projects.


Heathrow Airport

The Fyrexx System was installed on Heathrow Airport walls.

‘Tough, durable and safe’ were the necessary requirements considering the high volume of passengers passing through the terminal daily.


London Borough Councils

The Fyrexx System is used by multiple London borough councils including Westminster, Camden and Greenwich.

Fyrexx is the go-to choice for councils looking to upgrade social housing and public properties with large scale fire protection upgrades.

You’re In Safe Hands.

Fyrexx is trusted by professionals when it comes to fire resistant wall covering.

We’re able to assure performance, quality, reliability and durability in every project. We use approved installers like ATOL Construction.

When we carry out a risk assessment of your communal area we will only specify the system that performs to your exact level of requirements.

The series offers three performance tiers to provide a cost-effective solution matched to the risk we identify for your individual project after a full site assessment.

This risk-based approach delivers the most flexible, cost-effective means of complying with the RRO and meeting the required fire rating.


How We Work On Projects.


Free Survey

Our site surveys are FREE.
One of our highly experienced team members will meet with you to discuss your project.
Complete the free survey, noting any issues and defects to ensure every aspect of the project is clearly understood and documented thoroughly before moving forward...

Project Specification

Our techincal consultant will recommend approved professional contractors to complete your installation. A detailed, bespoke project specification will then be issued.


Our technical consultant will be there to monitor and liase with the approved contractor through the whole application of the process giving peace of mind and complience.

Ongoing Support

For even more peace of mind, all of our systems are offered with a comprehensive range of zero worry warranties.

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